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Kids Butterfly Yoga's goal is to instill in children and their families the importance of physical and mental well being. In the fast paced society we live in, it is essential that children learn how to ground themselves. YogaKids Teacher Trainer, Angie Continisio, founder of Kids Butterfly Yoga is also a devoted runner (2007 Chicago Marathon, several half marathons and 10K races).  She teaches yoga at local daycares, elementary schools, day camps, private homes and community centers.
As a mother of two hockey playing boys, a CanFit-Pro certified Health & Wellness Specialist; a 200 RYT and a Qualified Early Childhood Educator from Vanier College, Angie believes that teaching children the importance of fuelling their bodies and getting in touch with their minds are important elements to carry forward with them in life.

Children absorb and process information differently through movement, seeing, listening, touching, singing and reading. The YogaKids method educates the whole child with an integrative approach that addresses their brain, intellect, body and spirit in a seamless fashion.

Teaching young children yoga reaps a host of benefits such as:

  • Safely and effectively improve strength and flexibility
  • Develop strong, limber and healthy bodies
  • Improve coordination and posture
  • Learn to relax – open up to a peaceful state of mind and body
  • Express creativity and imagination
  • Increase body awareness – learn basics of anatomy and health
  • Improve concentration, attention and focus


Angie Continisio: Biography
Angie Continisio


In the News

Montreal, May 2010
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Montreal, March, 2010
CTV News aired a special report Thursday (March 18) on CTV News Montreal at Noon and 6pm about Yoga for Kids
It was filmed at my studio.

You can watch a preview at www.ctvmontreal.ca

Click on the Special Reports icon on the right and then Yoga for Kids under the video player.

Montreal, February, 2010
Special to The Suburban


Montreal, October, 2010
Waiting to Exhale

Montreal, October, 2010
Yoga, Parents and Children


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